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Amiens Cadaver Lab

The OSU-Amiens Perforator Flap Meeting and the Cadaveric Dissection if the 5th of its kind, this time being hosted in Columbus OH. The previous courses were held in Amiens, France.

Our agenda is TWO-FOLD:

      1. Showcase NEW PERFORATOR FLAPS, including Propeller flaps and
      2. Teach time-tested flaps too – workhorses in common defects.

Propeller flaps, perforator flaps can be performed much more easily than free flaps and are an asset in resource-challenged situations. Admittedly there is a small learning curve and our dissection course seeks to shorten that if not eliminate it completely. Specifically the cadaveric dissection course seeks to address the needs of faculty and trainees that want to master perforator flap dissection as well as targets established surgeons that want to learn new flaps, new techniques of propeller flaps and expand their current repertoire of flap surgery. Types of flaps include: Pedicled, Perforator, Propeller and Microsurgical flaps with indications for extremity reconstruction, head and neck, and truncal reconstruction.

This cadaveric dissection course (one day) will be followed by a two day meeting session that further solidifies the new advances, allows an interactive discussion of dos’ and donts’ and will allow the participants to familiarize themselves with the full spectrum of skin flaps, including muscle, facial, bone, and perforator-based flaps.

The course will be held at OSU Cadaveric Dissection Facility using fresh cadavers. Participants will be mentored by internationally renowned faculty, through prosection and participant dissection. Educational materials will also be provided.

Online registration is now open for the 2017 course. There are currently 20 spots available.

Extremities: Anterior, Lateral and Medial Thigh, Perforator flaps including reverse sural, medial sural, peroneus brevis, plantar perforator flaps. In addition workhorse flaps including Radial Forearm, Lateral Arm, Tensor Fascia Lata, Rectus Femoris, Gracilis, Sural, Saphenous, Intrinsic Hand Flaps, Fibula will be performed.

Head and Neck: Temporal Parietal Fascial, Platysmal, Submental Forehead, Temporalis flaps

Breast: DIEP, SIEA, Superior Gluteal, (S-GAP), Inferior Gluteal (I-GAP)

Trunk: Vertical Rectus, Deep Circumflex Iliac, External Oblique, Latissimus, Serratus, Parascapular, Trapezius, Deltopectoral, Pectoralis

Foot: Propeller plantar flaps, Intrinsic Flaps, Toe flaps

SESSIONS: There will be an interactive session throughout the dissection program. We will show you nuances of perforator dissection, what the pitfalls are and what ensures successful results in difficult situations. A hands-on approach will be used with no more than five participants and one faculty per cadaver. All didactics will take place in the Cadaver Lab. A multimedia approach, comprising iPADS, and other dissection media tools will be used. Dissection instrumentation, scrubs will be provided. Please bring your loops though. We have some great dissections to do!