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Osteo Engineering

Most research our lab currently focuses on revolves around the use of the biomaterial called poly(propylene fumarate), or PPF for short. PPF is a linear unsaturated polyester that is biocompatible and has shown promise as a viable scaffold for bone regeneration. The references organized herein have been distilled from work done internal and external to this lab and serve to provide information on the various important and sought after properties of the material.




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Department of Defense Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine: W81XWH-14-2-0004:"Craniomaxillofacial Tissue Engineered Bone Grafts" (D. Dean, Project Leader)

National Center for Regenerative Medicine: Demonstrator Project:"Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) for Tissue Engineered Bone Grafts" (D. Dean, Principal Investigator)

National Institutes of Health: 5R01AR061460-02:"Application of tubular perfusion system (TPS) generated prevascularized bone tissue" (J. Fisher, Principal Investigator; D. Dean, Co-Investigator)

National Institutes of Health: 2R01DE013740-06A1:"Strength and Resorption of Biodegradable Skull Implants" (D. Dean, Principal Investigator)

Tomosurgery Validation: Automated Radiosurgery Treatment Planning and Delivery - - Grant #FY12-P315



National Institutes of Health 5P01CA043892-18: Project 2: "Photodynamic Therapy - Basic Science Studies" (D. Dean, Co-Investigator)

State of Ohio Third Frontier:"Clinical Tissue Engineering Center", Project 4: "Rapid Fabrication of BioScaffolds with Light Polymerizeable Polymers" (D. Dean, Co-Investigator)